Health Log and Record of My Journey to Good Health

230 Today – Feeling Great

Today I reached a new low – I’m at 230lbs! This is the lowest amount I’ve weighed in the past 10+ years and I feel great 🙂 I did get … Continue reading

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235 and Encouraged

Well today I reached a new low… ha! I am at 235.5 pounds. I didn’t eat dinner last night, so as I’ve said before we all have a 3 pound … Continue reading

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Back To My Mission

After having had success and getting down to 232 in the beginning of this past summer, I had since taken my foot off the gas and bounced back up to … Continue reading

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Going Plant-Based After Watching What The Health Documentary

Wait – Meats (and chicken), and processed foods are bad for us? How can this be?  Why is the alarm bell silent?

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Plateau and Changing Goals

I’m frustrated at the plateau, I know where my current weight is from though… I own that.

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A Year Later My Life Is Totally Different

Last year on this day I started on a new wellness plan – drastically changing my intake to a “no sugar added” lifestyle, and since then I’ve lost 70lbs!

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New Year New Challenges and Goals

…everyone is throwing around their “resolutions” and I have always thought this was a fake concept that is destined to fail. People rarely do what they resolve to do!

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